Ramadan Readathon | Upcoming Releases From Muslim Authors

Ramadan Readathon

As you may or may not know, from how much I’ve been going on about it for the past month or so, #RamadanReadathon has officially begun. I mentioned before that the purpose of this readathon is to celebrate Muslim authors and raise awareness about the importance of diversifying our bookshelves. But, why Muslim authors specifically?

Karuna Riazi, author of The Gauntlet, wrote this Twitter thread a while back about the shocking number of titles from Muslim authors published this year and the next, and it pretty much sums up why we need to support the authors who are already published. There aren’t nearly enough of them. And let’s be completely honest, with the growing Islamophobia in the Western world, it’s not easy for us to tell our stories. Instead, we end up in a situation where we have our stories told for us. Continue reading

Loving Language, Loathing Literature | Reflecting On My Experience At University

I miss university. And, by that, I just mean that I miss being in the cycle of education. (Which is actually linear, but that’s not really the point of this post.) The process of applying to graduate roles recently has allowed me to really reflect on what I’ve actually learnt over the past three years at university. Not just in terms of transferable skills, but in terms of the knowledge I gained and whether my overall experience met the expectations I initially had.

This post is more about the learning aspect of university rather than the overall experience of being within that environment. I can’t really comment on the partying culture or being part of the many societies they have to offer because, for personal reasons, I didn’t exactly immerse myself in those experiences. I didn’t go to university to make new friends; I just wanted to learn. Continue reading

Reading In Heels Unboxing | October 2018

I ordered my first book subscription box! Even though I vowed that I never ever would. I’ve never really been that interested in most book subscription boxes because I always felt like it wasn’t worth splurging out on boxes that included items I wouldn’t even use. For example, the most popular YA subscription boxes out there – such as Fairyloot, Illumicrate and Owlcrate – tend to include exclusive items and fandom merchandise that I honestly couldn’t care less about? And since I’m fairly updated on new releases in YA, I always feared that I’d already have the book (which is the main element of the box!) – even if that book was signed by the author and boasted an exclusive cover with beautifully sprayed edges.

Then, I discovered Reading In Heels. A UK-based monthly book subscription box targeted at women, featuring the latest in contemporary literary fiction (always in paperback) and a selection of lifestyle and beauty treats! They just celebrated their one year anniversary in August, and you can see all their past boxes on their website or Instagram. Their boxes aren’t themed like a lot of YA subscriptions, but they are often colour-coordinated which is always a win for the aesthetic!

I ordered the box for October as it’s my birthday month and, even though this month’s colour palette wasn’t as pleasing as previous boxes, I was so happy with everything that was included! It may have been a one-off box to begin with, but I can definitely see myself ordering more in the near future. Continue reading

Author Spotlight | Savita Kalhan On Writing The Girl In The Broken Mirror

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to welcome Savita Kalhan on the blog today to talk about her debut novel The Girl In The Broken Mirror. She’ll be discussing the significance of the quote that opens her novel and the writing process itself, as well as sharing some helpful tips for writers beginning or yet to begin the publishing journey.


savita kalhan

Savita Kalhan was born in India but moved to the UK when she was very young. She graduated with a joint honours degree in politics and philosophy from the University of Wales. She was a Batik artist and teacher before she turned to writing. Her debut novel the Long Weekend is described as ‘an intensely compelling thriller’ which addresses the issue of stranger danger. Her recent books include Stories from the Edge and Even Birds are Chained in the Sky. Savita lives in London. You can follow her on Twitter @savitakalhan. Continue reading