August Readathons & An Ambitious TBR

Ever since #RamadanReadathon, I’ve been wanting to participate in another readathon without the added stress of hosting it myself. Every month, there are always plenty of events to choose from, with readathons ranging from a single weekend like 24in48 to a whole month or even a year. Lately, I’ve discovered a couple of readathons happening in August and, because they align with my reading goals for the month, I’m doing all of them! I thought I’d combine them here, along with what I plan to read for each, in case anyone else wants to get involved too.


I have around 25 physical books that I’ve owned for more than a year but still haven’t read and I really need to get around to reading a couple and parting with the rest because I just don’t have enough shelf space for new books. When I tweeted about having a ‘books-i’ve-owned-for-more-than-a-year-but-still-haven’t-read’ readathon, I was directed to Unhaulathon and the timing is just perfect.

This readathon takes place between August 1st – 15th and is hosted by @Reading__Addict, @DylantheReader5 and @booknookbritt on Twitter. To participate, just read all the books you’ve owned for more than a year, or as many as you possibly can!


the ballroomthe light that gets lostbroken wheel


To motivate me to actually read some of the 25 books aforementioned and not just pick the ones I like the sound of, I teamed up with some friends on Twitter with the purpose of helping each other decide which books to read. Turns out, there’s a whole readathon dedicated to that and it’s now in its third year!

This year, #MakeMeRead runs between August 6th – 13th and is hosted by Ely @ Tea and Titles and Val @ The Innocent Smiley. All you have to do is put together a list of the titles you most want to read and get your followers to vote on them. The book with the highest number of votes is the book you read first.



throne of glasschamber of secretsmiss peregrines


For the latter half of August, I want to read my eARCs of September releases from NetGalley and apparently there’s also a readathon for that! #ARCAugust is an annual event, now in its fifth year, that runs throughout the whole month. It is hosted by Read. Sleep. Repeat. and will also include Twitter chats, interviews and giveaways. As I’m doing two other readathons and I don’t have that many ARCs, I’ll only be participating for half of it. If you’re interested (or more importantly, if you need to get your NetGalley feedback ratio up), all you have to do is read an ARC!


jigsaw of fire and starshome firewe see everything

That’s my highly ambitious August TBR which I most definitely will not complete, but I’m determined to at least get around to reading half of them. Are you participating in any of these readathons? What’s on your August TBR? Which series should I prioritise for #MakeMeRead?


11 thoughts on “August Readathons & An Ambitious TBR

    • Thank you! I think I’ll be reading a lot of Stephanie Perkins in August since I’m also planning to read There’s Someone Inside Your House. Good luck with #ARCAugust!

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  1. Oooh, sounds like you’ll have your hands full! XD I’ve heard of all these readathons as well! I’m participating in #MakeMeRead (I vote Throne of Glass btw) and I’m considering the others. I really should do the ARC one because I have so many, but all of the release dates have come and gone so I’m just not excited about them anymore. 🙈 We’ll see!

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    • Throne Of Glass is proving to be a popular recommendation, not that I’m even slightly surprised. I’ve been put off the series as a whole but I think I’ll give the first book a go before deciding whether to read the following three that I own…

      If the ARCs are on NetGalley, just think about how rewarding it is to see your ratio go up 😭 You could also include ARCs as part of #MakeMeRead? That might motivate you!

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      • Hahaha makes sense! I hope you like it! 🤞
        This is very true! That’s a genius idea… but unfortunately I’ve already posted my poll and it has gathered plenty of votes. 😦 I think I might just end up participating in ARC August because I really need it!

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