#TheReadingQuest Wrap-Up

reading quest

#TheReadingQuest is officially over and I can honestly say that I had so much fun doing it! I conquered my TBR by reading a total of 12 books and one short story, completing two paths and four side quests in the process. I have no idea where that ranks me on the leaderboard because some people actually managed to complete the whole thing (what even is that sorcery!?) but, since I initially thought I was being overly ambitious, I’m super happy with my progress.

quest board.png

I really enjoyed reading around the prompts and would love to complete the quest board just for the sake of it. Not only were they perfect for my ARCs but they also encouraged me to pick up books I’ve owned for more than a year! I also had way too much fun using the spreadsheet I created and updating my character card every time I finished a book.

character card.png

I, Knight by day and Mage by night (see what I did there?), solemnly swear that I have completed this challenge with a total of +270 EXP and +391 HP, bringing me up to Level 6! Though winning was never my intention, if I could do it again I’d want to read more books by marginalised authors. Gaining double the points for reading these books was such a great incentive and would have boosted my overall score.

And that’s a wrap on #TheReadingQuest! Did you participate in this challenge? How did you do?

Once again, thank you to the wonderful Aentee @ Read At Midnight for hosting and the lovely CW @ Read, Think, Ponder for the beautiful character art.


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